Telesales Skills Training

Telesales Skills Training - online or face to face workshops

Are you not getting the results that you would like from your telesales or telemarketing?

Are your team making the calls but not closing the business?
Do you exit the call when you get a "no"?

Do your team not like making the calls because they don't know what to say?

Have your telesales team lost their motivation?

If you're answering "yes" to any or all of these comments, and are here reading this page, you may be wondering if telesales training will help.  You may have asked yourself the question if telesales or telemarketing is the right way for your business and is it a waste of time?

Here's what you need to know...       
Telesales IS an effective way to win business, but it isn’t about picking up the phone and “going for it”.  The most successful calls identify a prospective client's needs, wants, issues, or problems and then offer a solution.  Your phone call needs to capture their attention and build credibility... FAST!

Hard, pushy sales approaches and bullying tactics DO NOT work with today's buyers.  They are more discerning and need to like and trust the person that they do business with.  This can be achieved if your telesales or telemarketing call is approached in the right way.   

Our telesales training workshop is designed to show you how to achieve this and WILL have an immediate impact on the calls that you make.   

The telesales training workshop will cover:  

  • Understanding why customer's buy and how they like to be treated
  • Understanding what customers need and how to present a solution
  • Your USP's and how to communicate those to your prospect
  • Why planning is imperative before making a call
  • How to structure your phone call without a script
  • The objective of a call - why this is important
  • How to quickly build rapport over the telephone
  • How to get around the "gatekeeper"
  • What questions we need to ask to understand our customer's needs
  • How to overcome objections
  • How to effectively close the call to win business.

There is no role play but there are lots of practical action points that you will take away.

Ideal for?

New to telesales or telemarketing
Experienced people who wish to update their skills
Managers or business owners with a team

9.30am to 4.30pm

Online Workshops
16th March, 18th May

Face to face workshops in Northampton, venue confirmed upon booking
27th April, 22nd June


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Please note, these workshops will take place in Northampton - the venue will be confirmed upon booking