LinkedIn Sales Training

LinkedIn Sales Training - Online Workshop

Are you using LinkedIn in your business yet?

Do you have a strategy for LinkedIn?                                      

Do you wish you knew how to generate sales from your social media?
Well, I’m here to tell you that just scrolling through LinkedIn does not generate sales, however, if you use it properly it can be a great source of leads. The objective of this workshop is to share with you how I have been generating sales through LinkedIn.
This workshop is designed to help you integrate your sales and marketing approaches and generate quality leads through LinkedIn. It will also help you know what to do with those leads once they come in and how to build them into your strategy and pipeline.
It will be a very down-to-earth session, as I don’t profess to be a ‘LinkedIn Guru’ and will not be talking about the technical nuances of the site. I will, however, show you how I have gained £25k worth of business since October and tripled my page followers.
The workshop is going to be very practical and hands-on and you’re encouraged to bring your laptop and make additions and changes as we go along. 

Generating Sales Through LinkedIn workshop will cover:

  • How to set up your personal profile to get yourself noticed
  • Why having a company page is a good idea, how to set it up, and what to include
  • Why LinkedIn is different from other social media channels
  • What you should be posting and interacting with on LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn strategically
  • How to generate leads from LinkedIn

Ideal for?

This workshop is ideal for those new to running their own business or who are new to LinkedIn. It’s designed for anyone wanting to maximise their use of the social channel to generate leads and make sales.

9am to 11am 

28th January, 25th February, 25th March, 29th April, 27th May and 24th June



Please note, all workshops are conducted online via Zoom