The Basics of Sales Programme
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The Basics of Sales Programme - online workshop

Help!  I’m new to sales and don’t know where to start!

 Don’t worry, you’re not alone!
I meet many people who say the same to me, and I’ll let you into a little secret, I felt the same when I started in sales.  I was lucky, I had help.  It came in the guise of training from the company that I’d joined.  If you’re running your own business or working within a company that doesn’t have a dedicated sales training programme, what do you do?
This is why I created The Basics of Sales Programme.
It consists of 5 modules, run over 10 weeks and includes the following:-
  1. Creating a sales plan, creating/reviewing sales processes that work and how to develop a sales pipeline
  2. How to sell with ease without the sleaze.  You will learn the elements of selling, that ensure that you’re building relationships and not being “pushy”. 
  3. How to follow up leads and quotes via the telephone.  This module includes learning telephone communication techniques that help build your confidence, preparing what to say when making a call and how to overcome objections.  This module IS NOT “cold calling” training.
  4. How to maximise a customer meeting.  You will learn how to run a meeting to give you the confidence to ask for the business.
  5. Negotiation skills.  In this module, you will learn the basic principles and how to plan and prepare. 
By the end of the programme, you will have a solid understanding of sales to take back into your working environment. 
The start dates are listed below and each module takes place on a Monday, bi-weekly.

2.30pm to 4.30pm
Programme Start Dates 
14th February, 9th May, 5th September and 14th November

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What happens if I can’t commit to every date in the programme?
Don’t worry !  As long as you have completed modules 1 & 2, you can continue the rest of the programme at your leisure, by booking onto the relevant modules later in the year.
What happens if I feel I need support at the end of the programme?
If any of my delegates have questions, before, during or after the programme, I am only a phone call away.  If you feel that you need something more, then you have the option of joining The Sales Club or using my Sales Consultancy service.  

Please note, this workshop is carried out online via Zoom