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New To Sales

Are you excited or daunted?

Starting a career in sales or starting/running your own business can be equally daunting and exciting.  The same can be said for the people I meet who are taking this journey, they are either excited to be entering the world of sales or daunted by what it entails.
Which one are you?
I’ve created training workshops to support you, whatever your feelings are about sales.

Excited about Sales?

The following workshops will kick off your sales career with a bang!
Telesales Skills – ideal for learning how to make effective “cold” or “warm” outbound or inbound sales calls
Face to Face Sales Techniques – this workshop shows you how to run a customer meeting that ensures you close that deal.
Generating Sales via LinkedIn – a must for any salesperson. More business is being done on LinkedIn, and if you’re in sales and not on LinkedIn you will be missing out.  This workshop takes you through the steps you need to take to generate leads from this platform.
Quarterly Sales Planning - This workshop has been designed to help you understand the importance of a good Sales Pipeline and help you plan for future business. It will cover how to create a sales plan, manage it, and use it to achieve your quarterly goals. 

Daunted by sales?

You’re not the only one (I was when I started my first sales job)!  I meet many people who tell me they’re scared of sales or that they’re not a “natural salesperson”.  The good news is, you can learn to overcome this and I’ve two options for you.
The Basics of Sales Programme - It consists of five 2 hour modules that take place over the course of 10 weeks.  Each module is an interactive online workshop that covers everything you need to know about sales.  Most importantly, they are also designed to help you overcome any fears or nerves you have around this subject.
The Sales Club – is a support and training group that meets bi-weekly.  It’s designed to help you improve your sales skills as well as have the opportunity to collaborate with the other members of the club on any issue you may wish input on.


How many people could be on the course?
My workshops for individuals are conducted online or face to face at a venue in Northampton and have a maximum of 6 people attending. 
Will it be a presentation, and will there be a role-play exercise?
They are not “death by PowerPoint”, they are interactive, discussion focussed AND there is no role play (I promise!)   
What happens if there’s only one person booked onto it?
They WILL go ahead, even if there is only one person booked onto it!
Do you deliver the course, or will I be working with an associate trainer?
You will always be working with me; I don’t use any associate trainers for my workshops.
Is The Basics of Sales Programme going to try to teach me to be a “hard” salesperson?
Absolutely not!  The best salespeople I’ve worked with are the most unassuming people you could ever meet.  They’ve learnt to develop their own style and if you met them, you’d never feel that they are pushy! 
To find our more or to book, please click the link above.  To discuss your requirements with me, call 01604 532004 or email