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For anyone running a small business, prospecting is vital. Every business owner needs to do it. If you’re not winning...more
So this week, I am going to talk about something that one of my favourite authors, Jeffrey Gitomer, talks about...more
Recently, I had the pleasure of reading They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan. I found this book really, really...more
This week, I thought I'd follow on from the conversation we had last time about that phrase, “are you the...more
Hi everybody, Julie here, the Sales Ace, bringing you a sales tip of the week, coming back to you after...more
However, sales aren’t for everyone. It takes grit and determination to get where you want to be and (unless you’re...more
The benefits of tailoring your marketing and sales efforts to special dates and occasions are clear. So, here’s my 5...more
This week, I would like to dedicate the sales tip to all of you that are new to sales. One...more