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So, I've had an interesting conversation with one of my clients over the past few days; I've been helping them...more
This week, I would like to talk a little bit about time management.

Now, time management is a salesperson’s best...

When you’re not a natural ‘salesperson’, talking to a prospective client can be nerve-racking.

Try these five simple ways to...

So, a week after Freedom Day: how are you getting on? It's been an interesting week and I've been having...more
A few weeks ago it was the first of my quarterly sales planning sessions and I had a lovely company...more
I want to talk to you about something that was interesting that happened to me this week and it's around...more
I cannot believe that we are at the end of June. Where has the time gone? I just don't know...more
So this week I have mostly been on holiday and I'm not telling you that to brag (and I did...more