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It’s that time of the year when many businesses see a downturn in sales; school holidays are here, many project...more
So today, this one I'm going to entitle “salespeople need love too”. And the reason I'm choosing to talk about...more
Picture the scene: after months of trying to get through to a prospect, you’ve finally reached the decision maker. You...more
This week, the sales tip has been inspired by a conversation I had with one of my clients who are...more
You may be a business owner that is doing the selling yourself, or you may be in an internal or...more
I can't believe that we are in January 2022 already. Where is the time going? So if you're anything like...more
So, continuing on from the theme Sales in The New Normal: I think the last thing I want to...more
This week, I had the honour to be invited to talk at the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce business showcase....more