Rocket Fuel - What actually IS sales? | The Sales Ace

Rocket Fuel - What actually IS sales?

Rocket Fuel - What actually IS sales?

Hi everybody, Julie here, The Sales Ace and welcome to another one of my sales tips that’s going to help you skyrocket your business.


Now, I have been having quite a few conversations this week around what sales actually is, and this kind of all came about when I was talking to somebody in a networking group.

And their perception of sales was very much “it's a dirty word”. They don't like it because they don't want to push somebody into doing something. They've been on the receiving end of salespeople that have done that themselves and the whole sort of concept around this word “sales” was something that they're very uncomfortable with.


This came out when they first started talking to me, (and no, it's not because they were talking to me! It was the word sales not ME, for any of you doubters out there!).

Anyway, so one of the things that I spoke to them about was actually just standing back and looking at what they did in their business and they were in the service orientated industry and one of the things that they talk about is how their product helped their customers and what that did for them. 


We talked for a long time about this concept of the product - the service that they provide was very useful, it helps companies achieve what they want to achieve.

And I said to them, well, how do you feel about helping people to achieve their goals within their businesses? This person said to me: I love it. And it’s something I'm really passionate about, and I said well actually that's sales really isn't it?


They sat and they looked at me and I said what we're doing with sales is helping somebody to resolve a need, a want, an issue and/or a problem. And I personally think that sales teams, sales departments shouldn't be called sales departments. They should be called Problem Resolution Departments, because at the end of the day sales is about helping somebody resolve their need, issue or problem, and getting paid for it.


So that's my thought for this week: what sales actually is. It's about resolving problems

for money, and it's about helping somebody to overcome their need, their want, their issue, their problem. There we go. There's my little tip, although I suppose it’s more of a thought for the week. 


So if any of you do have any wobbles with sales, just think: how am I resolving people's problems, and hopefully, that'll take a little bit of the fear away from it.


So that's it for this week! That's Julie, The Sales Ace and I will be back next week with another sales tip. Catch up soon!