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Rocket Fuel - sales in the "new normal"

Rocket Fuel - sales in the "new normal"

Hi everybody, Julie here, The Sales Ace; bringing you a sales tip to help skyrocket your business.

So this week, I had the honour to be invited to talk at the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce business showcase. The subject that I was talking about was sales in the “New Normal”. 

So what I thought I would do for those of you that possibly missed it is to give you some highlights that came out of that presentation, and I'm going to do that in this week’s sales tip and for the next couple of ones because I think it's a really good time to just adjust and think about what our businesses are going to look like.

So let me start with the first sort of topic that I want to talk a little bit about: first of all, we're not going back. We're not going back to the way it was, and so we have got to look at ways that we can change and adapt because our buyers have changed. Buyers have embraced technology and that is very, very evident from the way that the use of LinkedIn has gone up, for example. Buyers are using that as a supplier search, as a business directory.

So it's never been more important to make sure that the activity on LinkedIn, our profiles, our company pages are really on point because they're going to be looking at that. They've embraced Zoom, they've embraced Teams (as have we all) and there will, in my opinion, be the need to continue with that, albeit we can't take away the value of face-to-face.

So they've changed that, they're using technology, they’re using things like LinkedIn and social media as social proof. They have been driven into the internet world. So, they're looking

for recommendations, they’re looking for testimonials before they'll even reach out to you. This is a big thing that we started to see.

The other thing that we've noticed is budgets have changed not for the worse, but in some of my clients’ cases for the better! Buying cycles and buying lead times have changed again.

One of my clients has reported that their sales cycle that used to be three to six months has now gone down to two to three weeks. And what all this has meant is the sales team had to be retrained (and I've been working with them on this) to close a deal and to recognize the opportunities a lot quicker than they used to.


Your buyers’ mindsets will have changed. The only way you're going to find out about it is to call them and to ask them and to see them and to speak to them. And I've been doing that over the past two or three weeks and it's resulted in having some really interesting conversations. 

So this week sales tip: your buyers’ mindsets have changed. Let's reach out. Let's find out what they now want, products and services going forward. And let's look at adapting our businesses accordingly to see how we can help them.


So that's it for this week - I'm going to continue the topic in next week’s tip!