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Rocket Fuel - Invest in your sales teams!

Rocket Fuel - Invest in your sales teams!

Hi everybody, Julie here: the Sales Ace, bringing you a sales tip to help skyrocket your business.


Now, this week I would like to talk to all of you out there that have a sales team. Whether it's one person, whether it's 40, 50, 60 people in a sales team: this one is for you, and it has come about because I have been having conversations with a prospective customer around sales training.

And his frustration about his parent company not allowing him to invest in his team comes because he knows that investment in training in the sales team not only brushes up their skills but increases the conversion rates that he will see and actually gives a massive uplift in their focus and their motivation, which after the sort of 18 months that salespeople have had (and it's been so difficult for some of them through the Covid pandemic) was well needed.


Now, I absolutely agree with him.

So many times, I have gone in to deliver sales training in-house to sales teams and the sorts of words I get out of conversations I have with salespeople are “Julie, I'd forgotten this! My goodness, that's given me a real impetus to go out, it's given me some more energy. It's energized me.”


These sorts of words I'm hearing from salespeople and it's all good stuff for the business owner.

So those of you out there who have sales teams. When was the last time you invested in your sales team? Now, some conversations I've had with business owners go along the lines of “well, they’re salespeople. They shouldn't need it.”


They do! Everybody needs a little bit of love. Salespeople aren't just for Christmas: they need love too. So think about investing in your team, think about giving them some sales training, think about showing them some love because it will pay you dividends in the end.


There we go, that’s my tip for this week!


I'll be back next week with another sales tip.