Rocket Fuel - Freedom Day, one week on | The Sales Ace

Rocket Fuel - Freedom Day, one week on

Rocket Fuel - Freedom Day, one week on

Hi everybody, Julie here, the Sales Ace, bringing you another sales tip to help skyrocket your business.
So, a week after Freedom Day: how are you getting on? It's been an interesting week and I've been having a lot of conversations with clients about going back into the face-to-face selling world, wanting to brush up on their skills.

It's been for a lot of businesses, a long time since we have been able to go and visit clients face-to-face and you know,
my clients are really excited about that prospect. But along with that comes some anxiety from the virus point of view, but also from their skill sets.
Somebody said to me, "well, it's going to be different, Julie - and I don't quite know how I'm going to interact with a face-to-face person."

So, here is my tip for this week:

It is about brushing up on those face-to-face sales skills.
Just remember your face-to-face meetings are about building relationships.
You want to be well-presented when you meet somebody: dress smartly or as per your industry sector.
You won’t necessarily shake hands. It's going to be interesting to see when that starts coming back.
If a customer wants to shake hands and you particularly don't then you can just say, do you mind if we don't?
I think that's absolutely fine. I think that's still acceptable.

Just remember when you sit down face-to-face, the small talk. We might not have done
so much of that when we've been on Zoom and doing sales meetings, as people have wanted maybe crack on
a little bit, but remember that small talk, remember that relationship building and don't forget to take them through the structure, take them through talking about the business, doing your fact finds… it's still the same. It's just that you're going to be face-to-face.

Those of you watching this as sales reps, don't forget to fill your diary in the most effective way.
You don't want to be pinging around the country, driving here there and everywhere.
Make sure that you're utilizing your time out on the road and go back to cold calling, go back to door stepping;
if businesses are going back with people in reception or people back in their offices, that is going to be able to be started again.

So I think really my message to you in this sales tip is just sit down, just think about when you go back into
those face-to-face meetings; what do you need to brush up on? What do you need to think about for you and your business?

And if you need any help, then drop me a line.
The email address is

I'll catch up with you soon!