Rocket Fuel: Defining your product(s) to your target market | The Sales Ace

Rocket Fuel: Defining your product(s) to your target market

Rocket Fuel: Defining your product(s) to your target market

Hi everybody, Julie here, The Sales Ace, bringing you another sales tip to help skyrocket your business.
So this week, I've literally just finished a really good session with my Sales Club members, and one of the topics that we've been discussing this week was about defining your product, and we wanted to have a look at those products just to make sure that how we are communicating those to our target market is very clear.

And there were a few little takeaways that I think some of us have got from that.
So, defining your product to your target market: the first point on that was who is your target market? Are you really clear about that?
Because if you know, who you are wanting to communicate with, what that then helps with is the message that goes out. And one of the things that also came out was to be making sure
once we know that, that our message is really clear about how we help them.

It's called the WIIFM Factor. Those of you that have been following my sales tips for a long time will know that WIIFM is: What's In It For Me?
And I think this was quite a good one for some of the members, because it was a case of (for example) “I provide websites that help you ‘dot dot dot’”.
So for myself, it’s “I do sales training that helps you increase the revenue in your business or helps take the fear out of sales”.

It's those sorts of things, and that was quite a clear take away. We also have some discussions about packaging, and packaging of products and how that can be useful within the sales process, and helping to be clear when you're communicating to your client. But also, some of us provide services which we couldn't package.

Another thing that came out of that was also making sure that we're actually communicating to our customers exactly what we do and everything that we do, because a couple of us had discussions about not educating our customers about other services that we provide.
And we had a discussion about ways that could happen, whether it's at networking, changing your message; email shots going out; or just general telephone conversations with customers to see how they are and then advising them about other stuff that went on.

So we've had some really good discussions and I hope me sharing my thoughts with you and some of the outcomes on what we did within the Sales Club were useful.
Now, incidentally: if any of you would like to come along and check out the Sales Club then please do! I’ll give you an offer that you come along free of charge and check us out.

It's a group that meets bi-weekly and the whole premise of it really is to help you bring more sales into your business, but it's not a “rah-rah, let's sell” group.
It's more of an educational discussion, learning, picking of brains, sharing of ideas, type group.
So, come along, and if you'd like to claim your free visit, my email address is
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