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Rocket Fuel - Closing Sales

Rocket Fuel - Closing Sales

This week, I have mostly been talking about closing sales.
My Sales Club did a little bit of training on this, and it's something I hear quite a lot from companies that I go into to do training with: "my sales team can't close".

Here's some things about closing sales:

For me, a successful closing of a sale doesn't happen at the end of the sales process - it starts at the very beginning.

This is where you're building those relationships, you're asking lots of open questions to honour the customer's needs, wants, issues and problems.
Once you know that, you are then presenting your products or your services in a way that helps them see the solutions to those needs, wants, issues and problems.

If you've done that well and you're getting some buy in from the customer - "yes, I like the idea of that" - going on to close the sale, ie "when would you like to start, how would you like to go forward with this" (or any other phrases that you can use) becomes second nature and very natural, and this will bring you a good result.

You've done all the groundwork, you understand everything, you've presented that need and how you're going to meet it.

Trying to close at the end of a meeting when you've done none of the above is not going to work!

So, if you want to successfully close a sale, you must make sure that your whole process of the meeting or the call with your client has gone from asking questions, listening, establishing the client's need, presenting the solution to the problem, and then asking for the business.

I'll see you next week!

And if you'd like to learn more about the Sales Club, you can do so here.