Rocket Fuel - are you ready for the third quarter? | The Sales Ace

Rocket Fuel - are you ready for the third quarter?

Rocket Fuel - are you ready for the third quarter?

Hi everybody. Julie here, The Sales Ace - bringing you another sales tip to help skyrocket your business.

I cannot believe that we are at the end of June. Where has the time gone? I just don't know where it goes, and if it's the end of June, it's heralding the end of another quarter.

So my question to you today is have you got your plans in place for the third quarter of this year?

And if not, why not? You guys that follow me on a regular basis know that I talk about planning and sales planning a lot.

And it's something that I'm very, very passionate about because it helps to control your business.
It helps you to stop the roller coaster ride of revenue, or if anything happens and you know what?
I'm going to share something with you - just as I've recorded this I have received an email from a client, pulling a project, quite a big meaty one, but because I plan ahead, because I have things up my sleeve I actually can plan my way out of that, and that's what I'm going to do once I finished recording this video.

So your quarter (plan your week as well!)

Get those sales plans out: look at what your quarter’s been, you know, if it's not been good, why not? What else could you do? What other sort of marketing activities are you going to need to put in place?

And let's make this next third quarter of the year happen, and you know what, it'll be over in a blink of an eye. And then we're on the downward slope till Christmas! There, I said it: the c-word!
I look forward to catching up with you guys next week.