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Overcoming ‘No’

Overcoming objections is arguably the hardest aspect of a salesperson’s job. No matter how much you believe your product could benefit your prospect, you’re often going to end up hearing ‘No’. Here are some of the reasons why you’re getting ‘No’ and some advice on what you can do to overcome it:

#1. “It’s too expensive”

Every business owner wants to ring the cash register but if they’re selling crappy products with a high margin, eventually they’re going to get caught out. The solution is to make the sale based on value rather than price.

#2. “I’m not in a position to make that decision”

Spending time selling to the receptionist, junior employee or someone from the wrong department costs you time and money. Getting through to the right person - the decision maker - is crucial.

#3. “I’m already in a contract with someone else”

At first, this seems like the kind of objection that would stop you in your tracks; "oh, they’re already contracted to work with someone else, I’m wasting my time here."
I’ll let you in on a secret: no you’re not! You can glean all sorts of information from a prospect who’s already in a contract. When will they be out of contract? Are they happy with their current supplier? What issues are they facing?
Be sure to make a note of when their current contract is up for renewal so you can get in touch again closer to the time.

#4. “I don’t know if I can trust you”

Building trust is the no. 1 job of a salesperson, no matter their sector. People buy from people they trust. If you’re going to perfect one skill, make it trust-building.

From Hubspot:
"Humans naturally fear the unknown. This helped us from not getting eaten by a range of scary, sharp-toothed animals when we were still hunters and gatherers. Is that bush rustling in a menacing way? Maybe we should approach it slowly instead of running up to it yelling loudly with a stick.

Today, our chances of being devoured by a lion have greatly decreased, but our odds of being screwed over by a vendor have not. Hence, buyers are wary to trust salespeople whose credibility hasn't been proven. Providing hard data about results you've helped drive in your introductory call can do a lot to disarm the prospect, and inch closer to trust."

#5. “I’m too busy to talk to you right now”

Everyone’s busy. Many people don’t want to take sales calls. Let’s face it, neither do you when you’re run off your feet!
Now here’s the thing: while this may be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t need or aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Like all initial resistance statements, what you must do with this objection is to quickly control the situation, assess whether or not your prospect is or can be interested, and then find a way to quickly qualify them.
The secret to overcoming this very common objection is to accept their premise (don’t take up too much of their time) whilst also fitting a couple of qualifying questions in.

Overcoming objections on the phone is one of the hardest aspects of a salesperson’s job. Hopefully, these tips give you some insight into how you can handle some common reasons you’re getting told ‘No’.