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Julie Futcher, The Sales Ace

Who is The Sales Ace?

Julie Futcher 


I started my sales career 27 years ago and most of this has predominately been within the recruitment industry.  During my time within recruitment, whatever level I worked at, I was always a "jobbing" salesperson and still am today.  If you follow my LinkedIn and Facebook pages you will see that I undertake a telemarketing campaign for one of my clients on a Thursday and I'm always sharing hints and tips to make your calls more successful.

I started my sales training and consultancy career 7 years ago with the formation of The Sales Manager and more recently have rebranded to become The Sales Ace.  I feel that my years of experience within sales and the fact that I am still very "hands-on", helps me to provide relevant and up-to-date training, my mantra is "I'm a salesperson first and a trainer second". 
My favourite hobby is amateur dramatics which I started doing in 1994 (yes, I am that old!) and I can’t let this opportunity pass without mentioning my love of Gin; my favourite is Warner Edwards Rhubarb.